Family trips are wonderful memories. Planning a trip abroad with children can sometimes we seem complicated. Yet these moments are so extraordinary that we should want to multiply, rather than understanding. Here are some tips given by the globe-trotting mom the most sweet of Quebec, Marie-Julie Gagnon , you should know before you go.

5 things to know when traveling with children, Travel Tips from Marie-Julie Gagnon

1 – Choose a destination that is our mindset and our limitations. This is perhaps not the time to plan a complete tour of Europe if we are at wit’s end!

2 – Be well prepared before leaving. If one parent is not the trip will require him to sign a consent letter. It is not absolutely necessary to be sworn, but it is strongly recommended to do so to avoid trouble. There are examples of a letter on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. There are commissioners for oaths in the majority of banks (and it’s free!).

3 – Do not overload the days and varied activities that will appeal to adults and children.

4 – On the plane, always take the crayons and a notebook, the child’s favorite stuffed animal and a snack (if feeding time does not match the biological clock of our toddler).

5 – Talking to strangers!

Following these tips will ensure a memorable trip!


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