Asus G51 laptop for gamers

Asus G51 laptop for gamersIn the hands of a well-known and leading company in the computer industry as Asus has come the release of which, no doubt, could become the ideal companion for users to enjoy games on the PC.

And it is an out-standing laptop baptized with the technical name of Asus G51, which has for example with an Intel Core 2 Quad or Intel Core 2 Duo, RAM up to 4GB DDR2 800Hz, a 1GB graphics card, GeForce GTX 260M, and a screen that could come in two sizes: 15.6 “or 16”.

These technical features are joined with two hard drives with capacities of 500GB storage, a webcam with 2.1 MP sensor resolution, and the Windows Vista operating system preinstalled at the factory.

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