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some imperfections are seen, this treatment can be combined with anti-wrinkle , stain

Get soft hands in just five gestures

The hand is one of the body parts that are usually forgotten when paying care despite a sensitive skin and which quickly over time shows. Keep them in perfect condition and softened is simple....

it is a way to balance the electromagnetic field of the human being

Balancing technique: to re-energize therapy

The world around us, things that happen everything moves and develops according to energy, in it and we have. There is a technique to redirect and channel that energy is to balance our electromagnetic...

Lighten the skin of your underarms within few weeks with some

Homemade recipes for underarm skin lightening

Due largely to the use of deodorants and frequent hair removal, underarm skin tends to become irritated and darken with respect to the rest of the body. The first steps we can take to...

5 Ways to Protect Skin from Pollution - Health - HowStuffWorks

How to protect the skin from pollution

The pollution in large cities (and unfortunately in some villages) is increasing, and this affects both our health and our skin. It is essential to know how to protect the dermis from the harmful...

What I have been able to determine is that the cream works best tattoos over two years

Create a cream to remove tattoos

Those with a bad tattoo could be celebrating and Bad Ink could go to ruin … a cream seems able to help get rid of bad ink. Alec Falkenham , a Canadian student of...

Makeup secret Useful Tips For mascara

Useful Tips For mascara

Getting perfect lashes with only the aid of the mascara is possible, for that you just have to implement some simple tricks. In this post I’ll show some of the best tricks for mascara,...