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you can have beautiful nails strong and in this note is that you commented about the best food

The best food for Strong and healthy nails

A poor diet affects the whole organism that is something scientific and empirically tested. In this sense, inadequate nutrition is the primary cause of brittle nails, and squamous weak, as well as the deterioration...

anti aging is not a painful treatment, but depending on the treatment area sensitivity is different

Mesolifting, popular anti-aging treatment

The mesolifting or facial mesotherapy is aesthetically medical anti-aging treatment is based on multiple injections of layers of skin very superficial with a microscopic needle. What is done is the introduction of small amounts...

After you have washed and dried your face carefully, take your Foundation and pass for good on cheeks, forehead and neck

How To Wear Make Up In A Short Time

If you do not have enough time to devote to the make up because you always in a hurry, you need not despair. There is always a solution for everything. In fact, just the...

Very cute and original braid is the that involves only a clump

How to weave hair styles

The hair is the strong point of the woman, exude charm and sensuality in every move. For this reason it is essential to keep them groomed and at the top. Unfortunately, women can not...

Caring for the skin at 20

Caring for the facial and body skin at age 20

At age 20, the skin, both the face and body, has a health and looks really good. If you are between 20 and 30, it is sure to have no hints of wrinkles and that beyond the type of skin you have chances are that it is hydrated and sebaceous balance

Laser and aloe treatments for spider veins on the face

Laser and Aloe Vera treatments for facial spider veins

If two or more applications of laser, you must wait at least fifteen days between sessions. In particular, transdermal laser procedure is to apply local cold as anaesthetizing to then direct the laser light into the lesion that you want removed. This system does not cause damage to the skin. Only the damaged area absorbs the laser light- a particularly powerful, calorie light blinking – stroking the damaged area.

Homemade recipe to clean the skin sauna

Homemade recipe to clean the skin sauna

To start the bathroom sauna you just need a container with heating water, the ingredients that you will then detail and a towel with which to cover your head and keep the steam.

Tips for combating the cellulite from food

Tips for combating cellulite with food

One factor that influences, among others, the appearance of cellulite is poor nutrition. What is not always correct is to identify the foods that cause the skin orange. Therefore, know some foods to avoid...

where to get a manicure Your own manicure step by step

How to manicure nails: step by step

For divine hands and tidy good manicure is essential, therefore many women go to the professionals for nail care services, which obviously has its cost. The good news is that if you decide you...