anti aging is not a painful treatment, but depending on the treatment area sensitivity is different

Mesolifting, popular anti-aging treatment

The mesolifting or facial mesotherapy is aesthetically medical anti-aging treatment is based on multiple injections of layers of skin very superficial with a microscopic needle. What is done is the introduction of small amounts of a product in the neck, chest, face and back of hands to slow the aging process. The mesolifting is one Read more about Mesolifting, popular anti-aging treatment[…]

Neck lift to remove wrinkles and sagging

Cosmetic Surgery for Neck lift to remove wrinkles and sagging

The neck lift you are looking to restore firmness and tone the face losses over time and the effects of gravity. This operation acts on the skin and musculature of the area through increasingly smaller incisions and less invasive. The neck lift is also called platysmaplasty, the procedure suspends the loose edges of the platysma Read more about Cosmetic Surgery for Neck lift to remove wrinkles and sagging[…]

Without implants breast augmentations

Breast augmentations without implants

You wonder how, but yes! There is a technique for breast enhancement without the need for breast implants. It refers to the transfer of autologous fatty tissue and stem cells, which is revolutionizing the known techniques for aesthetic medicine. Aesthetic uses of this new technique. It may be applied in cases of breast reconstruction in Read more about Breast augmentations without implants[…]