The console, designed along the lines of Wii

Nintendo Wii U: a details analysis

Nintendo Wii U is here. The wait has been long, since its announcement last year and half at E3. Now it is time to face a very difficult challenge: getting to live up to Wii, fill gaps in it and especially love again. Let’s see if our analysis is capable of this. The console, designed Read more about Nintendo Wii U: a details analysis[…]

Windows 8 vs Windows 7 Performance testing

Windows 8 vs Windows 7: Performance Testing Analysis

In addition to the various styling changes that Microsoft wanted to give the world in Windows 8 Developer and Consumer Preview, the Redmond company‚Äôs work on the new operating system goes well beyond the outer appearance and high compatibility. Many improvements have been made to the performance of Windows adopting new strategies even with regard Read more about Windows 8 vs Windows 7: Performance Testing Analysis[…]