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any type of image-based passwords can be hacked easily

Image Passwords of Windows 8 are easy to hack

With the release of Windows 8 last October 2012, Microsoft introduced in the final version a new way to protect your system devices used, particularly aimed at tablets and laptops, based on the release...

danger in Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows RT and Windows 8 is critical

Windows security updates: how to update windows security essentials

As usual, Microsoft meets today with its traditional “Patch Tuesday.” The software company harnesses the second Tuesday of each month to launch block security updates for its main products. This time, Microsoft released seven...

tips to make secure purchases over the Internet

Be safe online: Tips to shop online safely

Christmas comes and consumption soars. The gifts and last minute shopping fill stores and department stores queue. Electronic commerce is a very interesting alternative, as it allows purchases with comfort and even find more...