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deactivating the automatic updates of Windows 10, we can count StopUpdates10

How to turn off automatic updates for Windows 10

One of the features that best define the Microsoft operating system are the constant updates received by the operating system, updates that are usually designed to cover discovered security holes although sometimes they also...

it is not good to leave our laptop connected to the flow for life

Is it good to leave the laptop always charged?

As with the latest generation smartphones, in many cases the laptops that we buy today already come with the battery integrated in the motherboard, so proceeding to replace it is not something that users...

Although this site may not fall into the category of applications to download free games, this site actually fulfills the same function as the Play Store

Trusted sources to download free Android games

The issue of applications to download free games on a system like Android will always generate a lot of positive and negative comments, especially when this system through Google Play already has a lot...