The first thing we will do is create a new virtual machine

VMware Installation and Configuration Manual

VMware Workstation Tutorial VMware is a virtualization program. With this program we will be able to install several operating systems of virtual form in our computers. With which we can test or test operating systems different from ours without modifying anything in our system. Many times we want to pass, for example, to Linux but Read more about VMware Installation and Configuration Manual[…]

DNSCrypt is an application launched in 2012, developed and maintained by OpenDNS that allows to encrypt all the DNS connections

Encrypts connections to DNS server with DNSCrypt

A DNS server is that server that translates a URL into an IP address and gives us the way to reach it. These servers help us easily memorize large number of web pages using letters and words instead of having to memorize an IP address. However, DNS servers also identify you and can track your Read more about Encrypts connections to DNS server with DNSCrypt[…]

The easiest way to install the Mongoaudit tool is to install Python and PIP on your computer and write the following

Mongoaudit: Performs security audits on a MongoDB database with this tool

Given the security problems that exist in many services available through the Internet, it is never a bit of help. The developers of Stampery have created a tool called Mongoaudit that allows security audits on MongoDB databases. In addition, detecting errors offers recommendations to end the problem. The app saw the light two weeks ago. Read more about Mongoaudit: Performs security audits on a MongoDB database with this tool[…]

Data Recovery - Computer repair

Steps to becoming a data recovery expert

Data recovery experts start out with getting at least a bachelor’s degree in such fields as technology, computer science, information assurance, or computer engineering. In addition, choose some electives, such as disaster recovery, file systems, and computer forensics. The courses probably will not teach about the tools and techniques, so it would be a good Read more about Steps to becoming a data recovery expert[…]

Free Download CCNA Exploration Curriculum Offline Installer

CCNA is a very popular certification in computer networks developed by Cisco Systems. Cisco created the Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) to recognize the basic competence in installation and support of medium-sized networks. It is the first step on a path of professional certification Cisco. CCNA certification core Routing and Switching can be obtained by Read more about Free Download CCNA Exploration Curriculum Offline Installer[…]

The most effective way to protect your computer system against harmful malware threats is to install reputable antivirus or antimalware software

Protect Your PC With Anti Malware Software

It’s no secret that malware threats have always been a pest in the eyes of businesses and home based computer users. Given the rise of malware and cyber attacks around the globe today, the use of malware security suites on both business and household computer systems has become more vital than ever before. So what Read more about Protect Your PC With Anti Malware Software[…]

Microsoft Edge is the all-new Windows 10 browser built to give you a better web experience

Microsoft Edge improved performance and compatibility

With the new update of Windows 10 released last week, Microsoft has taken a step forward in functionality, although it is true that there has also been a few problems for users. However, Edge had to wait a few days to improve its performance , but the truth is that it has not disappointed. The Read more about Microsoft Edge improved performance and compatibility[…]

software designers and can develop software maintenance and quality assurance

Advantages Of Studying Software Engineering

As technology advances, the career of software engineering is a race of very high labor requirement, reporting good levels of income and opportunities in the industry of software developers, who are encouraged to enter this field as brand new, yet to be a good software engineer requires a lot of creativity, artistic imagination, innovation, analytical Read more about Advantages Of Studying Software Engineering[…]

Samsung HomeSync Lite: a personal cloud, hosted from your PC

Samsung Homesync Lite for content synchronization

The content synchronization is practically a crucial role in our computers and operating systems. In fact, almost all firms have a system able to synchronize information in the cloud and between devices. Samsung did not want to be less and has just introduced a new formula to save the photos and videos you have stored Read more about Samsung Homesync Lite for content synchronization[…]

Google Web Designer is a new web application to create websites and apps in HTML5

Create websites and applications using HTML5 with Google Web designer

The HTML5 is a markup language that is slowly arriving more and more on the web integrating many new technologies for the most part open source. We have recently seen some quality HTML5 for example on games like Freeciv game of the famous strategy game console or the new Google Roll It the WebSoket Bees; Read more about Create websites and applications using HTML5 with Google Web designer[…]