body dysmorphic disorder

How to overcome body dysmorphic disorder

A positive self image is very important for success and happiness. In this note I tell what body dysmorphic disorder that afflicts men and women, and what are the tools available to overcome it. The anorexia and bulimia are not the only evils that exist regarding body image, there is also body dysmorphic disorder (BDD), Read more about How to overcome body dysmorphic disorder[…]

Put sugar means incorporating more natural and unprocessed foods

Losing excess weight by eliminating sugar from your diet

The sugar is one of the factors leading to overweight and obesity. A single teaspoon of this product has a lot of calories, therefore if it is removed from the diet can significantly reduce your daily caloric intake. But not only reduce the consumption of white sugar from the diet, but also refined starches and Read more about Losing excess weight by eliminating sugar from your diet[…]

Visual Impact Muscle Building program does not restrict the use of exercise equipment or forms of exercise

Visual Impact Muscle Building Program For Seductive Look

Visual impact muscle building program gives the desired body of your choice. The program is about the construction of the body and gaining strength otherwise. The appearance of the eyes is also taken into consideration in this fitness program. Having a lean, well-defined, makes an appearance and pleasing the more general relationship in sight. The Read more about Visual Impact Muscle Building Program For Seductive Look[…]

Once you have acquired the necessary strength you can make some variations perhaps adding some weight on his legs

Exercise Tips: How To Train Your Triceps At Home

For training the triceps is recommended to take particular care because its harmony must be proportional to the size of the shoulders, as if your shoulders are not adequately large visual impact caused by this type of muscle would undermine the results of the training. It is also necessary to focus on how they are Read more about Exercise Tips: How To Train Your Triceps At Home[…]

Weight loss after pregnancy

How to lose weight after pregnancy

The weight maintenance and not overdoing it during pregnancy is a goal that not all women get as standard practice is to raise some extra pounds. While this does not create a health problem if kept within healthy limits, once the baby is born the extra weight it can be uncomfortable for women.

How to avoid white marks on summer

How to avoid white marks on summer

It is normal during the summer to sun exposure, bathing suits, whether bikinis or trikinis entire Mayan, it leave white marks on protected areas, and many women when wearing more clothing can feel constrained by the same, if not entirely aesthetically look good. How to avoid? We give below some hints and tips that will Read more about How to avoid white marks on summer[…]

Without implants breast augmentations

Breast augmentations without implants

You wonder how, but yes! There is a technique for breast enhancement without the need for breast implants. It refers to the transfer of autologous fatty tissue and stem cells, which is revolutionizing the known techniques for aesthetic medicine. Aesthetic uses of this new technique. It may be applied in cases of breast reconstruction in Read more about Breast augmentations without implants[…]

How to prevent hemorrhoids

How to prevent hemorrhoids

What is hemorrhoids? Hemorrhoids are swellings that occur in the veins of the rectum and anus when a long effort to defecate. These inflammations also occur regularly in pregnancy, with old age and when you suffer from chronic constipation. Among the factors that favor the development of hemorrhoids include: Constipation Diarrhea Labour Occupation Pregnancy Obesity Read more about How to prevent hemorrhoids[…]

Dehydration and cracking of the skin

Dehydration and cracking of the skin

In the winter months, either cold, wind or dry conditions can lead to cracks in different parts of the body. Here are some tips to avoid such disturbance. What are the symptoms that cause cracks in the skin? The cracks are caused by dehydration, tiny cracks that affect the hands and face, lips and body Read more about Dehydration and cracking of the skin[…]

Breast enlargement technique without surgery

Breast enlargement technique without surgery

A considerable number of women intend to have larger breasts at some point in their lives or improve after infancy. Although the risks and implications of the surgery and silicone implants that discourages a few of them. Therefore, since Macrolane promises without surgery breast augmentation is a surgical technique that is increasingly chosen. No more Read more about Breast enlargement technique without surgery[…]