Orthorexia is an eating disorder characterized by an obsession

How do you get an eating disorder Orthorexia

The Orthorexia affects people who consider themselves superior to those that do not follow their way of life, present a false self and an absolute conviction that their choice is better than everyone else.

How can you control stress with food

How can you control stress with food?

Stress can be controlled with diet, this is a primary tool in the prevention and treatment of this problem. While food is not miracles, they do help to calm the nervous system in order to maintain the body.

Symptoms and causes of stress and physical disorder

Symptoms and causes of stress and physical disorder

Stress is physical and emotional stress that occurs because of pressures from the outside or inside. Everyone has a bit of stress because it is normal for humans, but if there is too much stress then it creates serious health problems.

Sexual anorexia evil of our times for Holistic Health

Sexual anorexia Causes and treatments

With the level of demand which currently raises daily life in the cities, where people give everything to highlight at the working level and to grow economically, personally often relegated. This overview provides the...

one type of anxiety disorder

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder: a mental illness

Obsessive compulsive disorder, is one type of anxiety disorder, can be a source of depression for many, but like all psychological pathology it is the manifestation of something else, generally little to do with...