City of London council has 3,150 council-owned domestic properties, none of which are standing empty

Council owned domestic properties versus people sleeping rough

Following a recent report in The Guardian, the Department of Communities and Local Government has been accused of sharing misleading data regarding homelessness figures in the UK. They allegedly claimed that homelessness was less than half its peak in 2003. But the UK Statistics Authority questioned the Government’s reports because their figures seemingly only referred Read more about Council owned domestic properties versus people sleeping rough[…]

Clean the joints of the tiles is a very hard task, so we recommend regular maintenance

How to clean the joints of the tiles

Any object in your home can become an ideal medium for dangerous bacteria to develop health place. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to hygiene around the house. Of course, there are two areas that require more effort when cleaning: the bathroom and kitchen. These two rooms are characterized by warm , moist places, Read more about How to clean the joints of the tiles[…]

The Toxic Shock Syndrome

The Toxic Shock Syndrome is a disease that is rare, but when it occurs can be life-threatening as it develops rapidly after infection and can very quickly affect different organ systems, such as kidneys, lungs and liver. Because this disease develops so quickly, it is best to consult a doctor immediately. This syndrome occurs as Read more about The Toxic Shock Syndrome[…]

Regularly clean the deep fat fryer grease trap

Regularly clean the deep fat fryer grease trap

A grease the frying oil filter can only be kept clean, only when it is thoroughly cleaned regularly. Only one then obtains guarantees healthy foods. An odor filter is already included as standard in most deep fryers. The main purpose of course is the reduction of odor, and furthermore, he still makes sure that the Read more about Regularly clean the deep fat fryer grease trap[…]

Nintendo will launch the successor to the Wii in 2012

According to apress release, Nintendo has confirmed that the Wii’s successor will be launched during the next fiscal year beginning 1 April 2012. Nintendo announced its financial results yesterday, April 24, 2011 for its last fiscal year that ended last March 31. Nintendo revenues fell by 29.3% and 66.1% of its profits. The Japanese giant Read more about Nintendo will launch the successor to the Wii in 2012[…]

Mosquito bites in the spring and summer

With the arrival of spring also get the dreaded and annoying respiratory allergies, especially those known as spring allergies, which are the fear of many allergies. However, the fact is that the arrival of spring or summer is not only the arrival of allergies. It also feared and annoying because of other characters like the Read more about Mosquito bites in the spring and summer[…]

Fit and active in the spring

If sun and warmth lure, it pulls us back out into nature for sporting activities. Unfortunately, we often through the winter months not used to exercise, feel tired and exhausted. – You can do something about it, but the excuse is sufficient as not! That we feel so weak and untrained, has several reasons: Lack Read more about Fit and active in the spring[…]

Mobile phone battery – Buddy or Foe

A mobile phone does can not survive without a powerful mobile phone battery. Logos and screen savers are the biggest energy hogs. But also the vibration alert and the lighting consume a lot of energy. Mobile phone battery is the most important accessory of the mobile phone, but it provides the phone with its elixir Read more about Mobile phone battery – Buddy or Foe[…]

Green Environment for healthy Living

Stars such as Leonardo Di Caprio, Brad Pitt and Orlando Bloom make before it and are actively engaged in environmental protection. Each individual can do something with his personal commitment to the environment – either at home or in small but different in environmental organizations. Get active and get involved Effective environmental protection is important. Read more about Green Environment for healthy Living[…]