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billions of cigarettes are consumed per year and according to the Ministry of Health

How does it smoking harm the Environment

We all know that smoking is a health-damaging activity, even for passive smokers. Tobacco is related to a multitude of diseases, including different types of cancers. What not everyone knows is that the biggest...

Being able to evade your mind through physical exercise will help you fight anxiety

10 Tips to Avoid Anxiety

Anxiety is one of the most common mental health problems, along with depression. Learn to control your life! The fear generated by a situation that we can not control or which terrifies us is...

The cold is able to reduce the perception of pain but is also useful in other circumstances

The choice between ice and hot water bottle

Heat and cold can be helpful in some circumstances, but it is not always so easy to distinguish situations in which an ice pack or a hot water bottle can help. Our grandmothers knew...