some imperfections are seen, this treatment can be combined with anti-wrinkle , stain

Get soft hands in just five gestures

The hand is one of the body parts that are usually forgotten when paying care despite a sensitive skin and which quickly over time shows. Keep them in perfect condition and softened is simple....

Kiwis and strawberries are suitable for when you want a brighter skin

Making a homemade exfoliating scrub

There are a variety of scrubs, they are all good as long as those indicated for your type of skin. Making a homemade exfoliating scrub is ideal because it can meet the needs of...

An anti-aesthetic problem that affects both men and women, but especially women, is stretch marks

How To Remove Stretch Marks

An anti-aesthetic problem that affects both men and women, but especially women, is stretch marks. These imperfections arise when the body undergoes sudden changes in weight, as a strong weight loss or pregnancy. In...

cellulite is formed by adipose cells increased fibrous tissue below

How to Rid Of Cellulite by Natural Treatments

The cellulite is a condition suffered by a large percentage of women, but not in all cases is the same type of cellulite. So if you need to remove cellulite, it is important to...

new factors you did not know that can cause acne

6 new factors you did not know that can cause acne

To fight acne there are lots of treatments that should be recommended and monitored by a specialist dermatologist. The most important thing to accompany the treatments is always maintaining hygiene of the face, touching your pimples and avoid unsuitable products for the skin type you have.

Caring for the skin at 20

Caring for the facial and body skin at age 20

At age 20, the skin, both the face and body, has a health and looks really good. If you are between 20 and 30, it is sure to have no hints of wrinkles and that beyond the type of skin you have chances are that it is hydrated and sebaceous balance

Laser and aloe treatments for spider veins on the face

Laser and Aloe Vera treatments for facial spider veins

If two or more applications of laser, you must wait at least fifteen days between sessions. In particular, transdermal laser procedure is to apply local cold as anaesthetizing to then direct the laser light into the lesion that you want removed. This system does not cause damage to the skin. Only the damaged area absorbs the laser light- a particularly powerful, calorie light blinking – stroking the damaged area.

how to minimize discomfort and pain relief

Episiotomy: how to minimize discomfort and pain relief?

The episiotomy is an incision in the perineum, skin and muscle between the vagina and anus to enlarge the opening and allow the baby out more easily. Generally it does not generate healing complications, but may take a few weeks. A good tip to ease the discomfort is to apply ice to the area immediately after delivery.