Risks of abortion in women life and why they choose it?

Risks of abortion in women life and why they choose it?

Abortion is the termination of pregnancy, throughout world history has been used as part of health care for the mother and also to end an unwanted pregnancy. Not all women think abortion is something right but each is in its right to make their own decision.

Tips to avoid vaginal infections

All women regardless of age can have a vaginal infection in the vagina are always bacteria and fungi, awaiting the moment to develop and reproduce. What are the symptoms of vaginal infections? The most common symptoms are irritation, burning with urination, itching and a thick white or yellow substance, and sometimes smelly. The general cleanliness Read more about Tips to avoid vaginal infections[…]

Diamond microdermabrasion to remove acne scars

The diamond microdermabrasion is a treatment very effective in minimizing or eliminating acne scars, what is sought is to improve the appearance of deeper scars. In cases of depressed scars, the results are excellent, for it is first applied a technique of “punch elevation” to lift depression and one or two weeks after the microdermabrasion Read more about Diamond microdermabrasion to remove acne scars[…]

women’s health: Causes of spider veins

A few simple rules for everyday and special exercises for the legs can help to prevent them or spider veins. Spider veins are not to be confused with varicose veins, which are enlarged veins that stand out nodular and blue on the skin. Spider veins are usually harmless, but should be examined by a doctor Read more about women’s health: Causes of spider veins[…]

Women’s Health: Period calculate – how it works

If you listen to your body and pay attention to your cycle, you can easily and accurately calculate your monthly period. Every woman has different symptoms before, during and after periods. To be able to calculate your exact period, you need to know these characters. Therefore you should monitor your body during one to three Read more about Women’s Health: Period calculate – how it works[…]

Special skin care in adolescence

Special skin care in adolescence

In adolescence, changes abound, the body undergoes hormonal revolution and this is reflected in the skin so it is essential to give proper care. During this stage the skin’s sebaceous glands produce a greater amount of fat, so that the dermis is nourished but at the time this oil production can cause acne, which is Read more about Special skin care in adolescence[…]

Home remedies for acne

The problem of acne affects many women, especially during adolescence, this is due to hormonal changes that cause the skin to become more fat than it should. In addition to specific anti-acne products you can also use homemade recipes that are cheaper but effective steps to eliminate pimples. In the kitchen of your home you Read more about Home remedies for acne[…]

Anti-aging myths, important tips

Today women all over the world spend a lot of money on treatments and products to curb the effects of aging and look younger than it appears in your identity. From wrinkle creams to supplements and skin care overly expensive, it is becoming more difficult to reach the standard of beauty imposed by society youth Read more about Anti-aging myths, important tips[…]

Hair removal product, restructuring of your hair

KV-1 is a focused ultra-fast and gives vitality repair to the hair from the first application. It has the effect of a facelift hair. Thanks to its formula that comprised of essential oils and argan oil, an ingredient extremely rich in antioxidants who has a neutralizing free radicals. It contains the following active matters: Film Read more about Hair removal product, restructuring of your hair[…]