Chocolate white or black, if desired for decoration.

Sugar Cookies Recipe

This time I bring you a very simple recipe to make Sugar Cookies, ie cookies normal life. In my opinion these cookies are perfect for winter, and no mistake good for fall, spring and...

complicated processing is required to introduce some delicious snacks

2 quick ways to make cheese that always succeed

We will simply review our recipes that you may find several recipes that use cheese . That’s because we find several variations that fit well with various dishes of many kinds. Cheese is a...

Separate the whites from the yolks, mount the egg whites until stiff and keep in the fridge

Brownies Recipe, perfect for chocolate lovers

This time we present a perfect dessert for chocolate lovers , but not just any chocolate , but chocolate black. We will explain how to prepare a cake full of chocolate called Brownie ,...

Cholesterol-free chocolate ice cream and mint

Cholesterol-free chocolate ice cream and mint

A cold is perhaps one of the most tempting desserts or candy for anyone. But these often conspire against those who have high cholesterol because they are made with cream and other products unfit for high cholesterol or hypercholesterolemia

Applesauce sweet potatoes Recipe

Applesauce and sweet potatoes Recipe

Boil the potatoes in water with your skin, peel and set aside. Meanwhile, peel the apples, cut into cubes and put them to cook over medium heat, a tablespoon of sugar and water. When tender, drain and mash make them.

Potato salad and mint against high cholesterol

Potato salad and mint against high cholesterol

Cook potatoes in their skin in boiling water, steam or microwave. Then peel them under running water and cut into large cubes. Arrange them in a container, where you will add the olives, corn, cooked and finely chopped onion.

Nice low fat pickled beautiful is a fish for their nutritional characteristics

How to prepare Nice low fat pickled

The beautiful is a fish for their nutritional characteristics, you can eat while dieting. This can prepare a variety of ways and by different light recipes, for example in low-calorie marinade. This preparation, not...