Best Air Cleaning Plants: Tips For Growing Indoor Plants Successfully

Tips For Growing Indoor Plants Successfully

The houseplants add color, beauty and fresh air into a home, as long as they provide adequate care. The fact that they can adapt to closed environments does not mean that fundamental factors for...

The first thing to consider is the environment where you intend to place

How To Build A Pond in your Garden

Making a pond in the garden or in certain indoors is a way to obtain a resource not only ornamental, but also an attractive source of peace and harmony in the home. To achieve...

Other varieties of mushrooms to grow at home

How To Cultivate Edible Mushrooms At Home

Among the wide variety of mushrooms suitable for culinary use, we stop at a kind of indisputable good taste: the Mushroom or Agaricus bisporus. The cultivating mushrooms edible industrial culture differs from the latter...

decorating the house with plants is a design solution that gives a lot of life into the home

How to transplant a tree without damaging it

The transplantation of plants can be done for several reasons. One is the increased size of the plant, with consequent development of the roots, and of keeping them in the same pot would affect...

Fertilizer green herbal

Make your own liquid fertilizer for the garden

Keep your garden in a position without hiring an expensive gardener can be a rewarding experience but expensive. In fact, once you have acquired plants, soil for the pots, the pots themselves, gardening tools,...

Garden pests how to combat aphids

Garden pests: how to combat aphids

How to control pests in the home garden is usually asked question. If you want to keep your garden beautiful and healthy, it is necessary to fight against these garden pests that ruin any green space.