Heat Stroke and Hyperthermia in Dogs

Signs and symptoms of heat stroke in puppies

As I have said on other occasions, dogs are more sensitive to high temperatures than humans, they do not have the ability to perspire . Therefore, during this time of year it is important to take precautions, by learning symptoms of heat stroke, doing everything possible to keep your pets suffer negative consequences. What we Read more about Signs and symptoms of heat stroke in puppies[…]

Prepare Accommodation For Pets Dwarf Rabbit at home

How To Prepare Accommodation For Dwarf Rabbits

Your bunny rabbit is about to enter in your family? Everything is ready for his arrival? The dwarf rabbits is not an animal to be kept locked in a cage for long periods. Loneliness, boredom and imprisonment in a cage are seriously detrimental to his physical and mental well-being. This small wad of hair will Read more about How To Prepare Accommodation For Dwarf Rabbits[…]

How to Care for pet fish

Not only dogs and cats need attention, if you have a pet bird, fish, hamster, rabbit or other pet, you know what kind of veterinary choose for your pet is safe and receive proper attention. There are veterinarians specializing for each species. But how to choose the veterinarian? What do we know about the care Read more about How to Care for pet fish[…]

Understand what your cats tells you

The onomatopoeia “meow” is the sound characteristic of cats that contains many meanings in itself: The sound may connote moods, emotions, called for mating or fighting and even resources to differentiate themselves from others. Furthermore, the meow also works as a means of communication between cats and humans when they order food, love or just Read more about Understand what your cats tells you[…]

Behaviors and Features that tell your pet’s age

The vast majority of people who have cats as pets do not buy in shops, but who adopt shelter or the street itself. The problem is that often it is unknown how old it is and we’re always guessing to know about how many years has. There are several behaviors that indicate the average age Read more about Behaviors and Features that tell your pet’s age[…]

Pet Antioxidants: what should be noted

The stop aging or the aging process is not only an issue related to humans as being the pet special things for us, we also seek to delay this development. First it is important to note that animals also have a cellular aging over the years and it is common to have wrinkles, gray hair, Read more about Pet Antioxidants: what should be noted[…]

The diseases that pets can transmit

The cats are like the dogs, the pets are always preferred its own company. It is always advisable to live with pets and much more if there are children at home. But keep in mind that pets can carry diseases that have some serious consequences, sometimes not, but in time are all curable. If you Read more about The diseases that pets can transmit[…]

Proper care for your puppy

The arrival of a puppy home means taking into account a number of special care for this new family member. Therefore it is important to organize your home to prepare for what will be the integration of the pet so that she and her family not run accidents , or unnecessary inconvenience. First, it is Read more about Proper care for your puppy[…]

Which foods are not recommended for your pets

Your pet should not eat anything you give them and there are surely many who would eat any food, but always keep in mind that just like humans the animals also need a healthy diet and balanced, there are foods that are usually prohibited, these are: The bones are bad because they can splinter or Read more about Which foods are not recommended for your pets[…]

Pet Accessories some important tips

Anyone who has pets knows that, with the purchase of the animal, it is far from done. Miscellaneous pet accessories are needed for each animal, large or small in order to feel good. In addition to absolute necessities but there are one or the other superfluous accessories that you can safely save. Because whether dog Read more about Pet Accessories some important tips[…]