There are already 500 million Android devices in the market

Shortly before Apple will present its new iPhone 5 (a device that has generated some disappointment among many analysts, despite assume a clear improvement over the iPhone 4) Google wanted to spoil the party rival presenting new data on the success of the terminals Android. And it enabled devices with Android operating system have already reached a staggering 500 million. Experts have already predicted that the number of handsets with Android could eventually exceed 1,000 million during the year.

Chaton, now share images with filters like Instagram

One of the more useful free messaging tools as an alternative to WhatsApp is updated. We discussed the implementation Chaton, a creation of the Korean Samsung to stand up to the powerful WhatsApp. However, for now there is more than a powerful alternative, with many great features that the most used social network, but without the required users and followers.

Instagram, the photo app, could be in Windows Phone 8

One of the most valued and beloved applications by users of the two main platforms could be considering expanding to the third question. It is the application of photographic filters known as Instagram, which, after a long period of exclusivity on iPhone, came to Android last April and could now also landed in the Windows Phone 8. It is surely a glad news for the owners of windows phone mobiles like Nokia Lumia etc.