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You can also make it appear by pressing the button on the S-Pen when you go over the screen Galaxy Note 3

The new features of Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Now that the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 has been announced, it’s time to look a little more closely what it offers and see if it’s worth breaking the bank when you already have a...

BlackBerry 10 default applications

Photos of BlackBerry OS BB10 user interface

It is nothing new that the BlackBerry platform 10 (or BB10) will be presented to the public on a global event scheduled for January 30, 2013 which involves six major cities, Paris, London, New...

Viber Free VoIP calls over the internet reach the Nokia Lumia

Free apps for VoIP calls reach the Nokia Lumia phones

The new version of Viber for Lumia range, in which calls can be madefree in HD, will be available in the next few days through the new Windows Phone Marketplace, now called Windows Phone Store, within the special selection for these terminals. As always, it will be completely free, being necessary to associate a phone number.

Chaton, now share images with filters like Instagram

Chaton, now share images with filters like Instagram

One of the more useful free messaging tools as an alternative to WhatsApp is updated. We discussed the implementation Chaton, a creation of the Korean Samsung to stand up to the powerful WhatsApp. However, for now there is more than a powerful alternative, with many great features that the most used social network, but without the required users and followers.

WhatsApp protection is not as safe as it seems

WhatsApp protection is not as safe as it seems

An Italian security expert has also given with the code used in iPhone by WhatsApp to encode messages. Here is a little more alarmed even as it is generated by the MAC address of the WiFi access point that connects the user to use the social network. A safety point can be weaker than spying techniques sniffing capturing data and network devices that are connected to it.