Flip Phone, a smartphone that folds like a wallet

Is this a foretaste of what awaits us in a few years? In any case there Kristian Larsen Ulrich firmly believes in presenting his concept Flip Phone, a mobile phone that comes out of the ordinary.

Flip Phone is a smartphone that folds in three parts and in two axes, as a portfolio. It has three screens and flexible AMOLED touch. On the rear, a full physical keyboard with four rows and a camera lens and 8 megapixel camera. That said, we can still use one screen as multitouch touchpad. The screens are glass Gorilla Glass and aluminum hull. Features LED lights and mesh iron adorn the phone that is flanked by a design class and ultra modern. The three screens are independent displays. Flip Phone can make a triangular prism and place it on a table like a calendar or a high tech watch.

Flip Phone, a smartphone that folds like a wallet

The concept is halfway between a laptop and a smartphone. Alas, current technology does not make a phone with such features. It is yet to be remained as concept.


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