Garden Pest Tips

pest in gardenChoose plants native to your region, for example, could be Mediterranean plants, succulents and cactus, etc., All very resistant to pests.

Pests and diseases: a strong plant and well maintained in terms of irrigation, fertilization, suitable climate, etc., Better resist attacks by insects and fungi.

If you grow your plants properly, with irrigation and fertilizer, enough light, etc., Be strong and vigorous and be much more resistant to all attacks of pests and diseases.

If the previous year has been a pest invasions or fungus, it is logical that happen again, therefore you should treat with insecticides or fungicides preventively.

If you go back to the same species in a site with pest or disease problems, is again likely to be infected, because parasites are preserved.

Always wear gloves and masks to apply pesticides (insecticides, fungicides, herbicides, etc.)..

Inspect plants regularly, especially those that were attacked last year.

Finding and treating pests and diseases in their early stages is very important to combat them better before they spread.

Cuttings do not take advantage because diseased plants are also infected.

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