Google+ is considering the launch of a new service called Google Mine, whose purpose would be to allow users to share all things they own with others. Sounds weird, but you can try to tell people who are in the circles which mobile phone, shoes, music or just purchased service to provide information on the product itself. This would be a fast and secure system to share opinions and have a much closer view of any object, via textual information, but also through photo, using the Google+ network contact.

Are you willing to try Google Mine? Well, more restless users will have to wait a bit. Google is still testing the service internally, so the launch could take a while. Sources close to the company say the new tool Google Mine will allow us to share those things, that we have, with our friends and learn at the same time, what they think your matches on those things that belong to them also. Both you, as the contacts you have in circles, you’ll have the opportunity to share elements, give them a score, explain how they work, what use have had for you, upload pictures and finally, share this subjective data package on your Google+ page. In this way, all the people who are in your circles – or those you selections – will have the opportunity to enjoy your comments and interact with you on the subject in question or any other that may arise along the way.

Google to launch new Google+ service Google Mine

Thus, rather than risk when buying a product we ask opinion to a friend. Something we already do in real life when reading or blogs that provide information on the characteristics of a product or service after trying it. An extra feature that would have this service could be the loan. And although it is not clear yet, it seems that there may be a role for an borrow object, offering a product that they do not need or create a wish list in which purchase intentions materialize your short or long term.

Apparently, Google would be interested in organizing various pages with “actions” so you can indicate whether you want to search for an object, give it away or recover, in addition to selecting which individuals or circles will have access to this information.

Everything suggests further that Google intends to launch this service to be used on desktops, but later also publish an application operational for all users of mobile phones with Android.


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