Homemade masks for oily skin

Oily skin is generated by excessive sebum production of the dermis, resulting in the appearance of acne, blackheads and enlarged pores, as well as unhygienic appearance of the skin. The good news is that through the natural masks you can balance oily skin and get a porcelain complexion, without spending Read more…

Some advantages of contact lenses

The advantages of contact lenses over the “conventional glasses” are manifold. Probably the most obvious advantage is that contact lenses are virtually invisible and unlike conventional glasses it do not affect the appearance of a human. But this reason it is driven by vanity, because you would not want others Read more…

Creams for cold weather jackets

Creams for cold weather jacketsCertainly, the cold wave will eventually move (a bit … only to return – well, usually), but it’s time to pamper her skin with appropriate care for the winter.

I had a full point by skin type in the article “Take care of your skin in winter”.

Broadly, one harsh for her skin as little as possible and is protected to the max. To do this, simply choose a cream a little richer than the summer, to be well on regular applications (morning and evening, we must nourish the skin) and to aim the dry areas (face well safe – even combination skin still struggling in winter, hands, mouth).

Departing to Helsinki in a few days for a great weekend with my mare, I began to seriously address the issue. Here are some suggestions for the face cream jackets and body.


Calcium citrate – Applications

Calcium citrate, calcium as a valuable supplier, is applied not only to calcium deficiency, but also helps with many other complaints. Calcium citrate is an odorless and tasteless salt of citric acid which is produced when the chemical reaction of citric acid with a calcium source. As the name suggests, Read more…