You have successfully created a new network connection. The old link will still appear always. Even more annoying is when the computer you want to permanently associate with this. But how can you delete such a network connection?

Make sure you delete a user of the computer with limited rights. If you have multiple user accounts on your computer, run one administrator account. In general, the first account on the computer set up such a “master account” with full access permissions.

How can you delete a wireless or a wired network connection Network and Sharing Center

Delete a wireless (WiFi) network connection

Click the Start icon in the lower left corner of your Windows Vista or Windows 7 Systems. On right side of the screen is the now open “Control Panel”. Open it.

In the Control Panel, select the “Network and Sharing Center”. Click “Manage wireless networks” can be found on the left. Click on this menu and you view your wireless network connections listed. Select the appropriate connection from to delete this network connection.

In the bar above the links will appear the “Remove”. Select this option. Finally confirm the deletion with “Yes”.

Deleting a wired LAN connection

Go through the steps to delete the network connection as described above and run the “Network and Sharing Center”. Select on the left side now is not “Manage wireless networks” option, but choose “Change Adapter Settings”. In the window that opens, you will now see all your network connections. Now you have two options:

Option 1 – Click on the link with the left mouse button. In the top bar appears suggests “delete connection” among other button. Select this option and confirm the deletion with “Yes”.

Option 2 – Alternatively, you can select the connection by right-clicking. Select the window that opens the “Delete” and confirm by clicking “Yes”.


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