After the successful launch of Google Plus many curious people the novelty have been recorded in this new social network, and now seek the way to export your photos to hang in your profile. The extension of Google Chrome, Move2Picasa, allows you to export photos from popular social network Facebook to Google +, then you’ll know how to do it in five simple steps. It is very easy and fast.

How to export photos from facebook to google +

One of the ways to export photos from Facebook to Google + is using the extension for Chrome called Move2Picasa, developed especially for users of the Google Chrome browser.

As a first step you should enter extension Move2Picasa link and then you click on the option “install”. For this you must be logged on in both social networks; in other words, both MSN and Google Plus accounts must be open.

Secondly, after having installed the extension “move2picasa”, you’ll see an image in the upper right side of your screen, right next to the web address bar. Then you you click the icon to begin to export your photos from Facebook to Google +

At the end of the two step will ask you access your account on the popular social network and then you have to access the extension, by clicking on the blue button “enable”. Once you’ve enabled the extension to Facebook access, you proceed to a page where you’ll see all your photo albums you’ve uploaded to the social platform of Marck Zuckerberg. You must select the album or photos you want to export and click on “Download”. Now you can enjoy all your Facebook photos in your album in Google Plus.


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