It is still very easy (if you use Google Chrome, clear)! Now, it is only necessary to enter the page of move2picasa or directly in the Chrome application store, and install this app, which will generate a single access Chrome address bar so that we can easily move photos from Facebook to Google +.

Clicking the move2picasa button will display us a page with all the images that we have stored on Facebook. We can choose what albums and photos will go to Google +, and once we have chosen them and press the button continue, start the fast transfer (in our case, in a matter of 10 minutes could transfer some 200 images). These images will be with a few fairly restrictive privacy settings, which you can change later, when already have passed the photos from Facebook to Google +.

How to move photos from Facebook to Google Plus

In addition, another advantage of this plugin is that we can use it later to pass only new photos that we have added on Facebook. There are other extensions and Web sites which only allow dump all of the albums, which is a real nuisance.

Now you can enjoy all Facebook, Google+ imagesĀ  and Google Photos (Picasa’s lifetime) without complications! If you use Google Chrome as a web browser, thanks to move2picasa just takes a few minutes to move photos from Facebook to Google +.


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