The very simple procedure to recover deleted photos on WhatsApp that have inadvertently been deleted from the device memory

The photos deleted on WhatsApp can be recovered as follows
It becomes official the possibility to recover deleted photos on WhatsApp simply going to recover the exact moment someone sent them to us during a chat and proceeding to download them again. Basically it will be downloaded again and this is made possible by the fact that the company behind the instant messaging application owned by Facebook will keep the elements on its servers, so even if they have been deleted on the device, they will always remain available on the server side.

Something that goes in the same direction as the possibility of canceling and therefore of counteracting the recovery of other multimedia elements and that follows the recent decision to cancel conversations even after some time since the start button was pressed. Something that surely meets those who are more impulsive and do not think too much before acting.


However, there is a time limit: items older than seven minutes cannot be deleted or recovered. After this time you will necessarily have to put your heart in peace and at most you can delete or recover the copy of the message in our possession and on our device (with the same procedure), in case you wanted to hide something from the conversation history.

The second limitation is due to the fact that you will never really be informed if the procedure has been successful or not, so maybe if there was a connection problem it might not have been eliminated. Third and last, but not least: if the recipient was connected before the deletion then flab because he could still open it.


This feature requested in a big voice and present from different beta versions (but then mowed at the time of the official) does nothing but confirm that WhatsApp at this time can only chase rivals that grind faster ground. After the payments on the platform and after the calls and video calls arrived with guilty delay, now even this decision follows slavishly what solid rivals like WeChat have been using for some time. Recall that the same function on Telegram , on the other hand, extends the rethinking time up to 48 hours, two days.


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