How to shave your private parts: Hair Removal tips

The male hair removal has evolved over the years. Has gone from being viewed by many with suspicion, to the point of qualifying for male waxing as something unmanly to be seen as normal and everyday, and even necessary in some cases, from the standpoint of comfort and aesthetics.

The genitals are not spared from burning, more and more men seek to remove hair from those most intimate parts in search of greater comfort and better hygiene, since they carry a jungle between our legs is not something recommended, especially now comes the heat.

How to shave your private parts and not die trying

Male genital hair removal blade

It is the technique most used is usually due to the speed and ease with which one can pluck smoothly, but of course also has its drawbacks. In this option, regular care is required, patience and above all if the first time you choose this method, because of how annoying it is hair growth following days, especially the first time since the pointed out some hairs.

It is advisable, if you go for this option is to cut the hair with a hair trimmer before turning the knife in this way the hair will become more comfortable and easy.

It goes without saying that the area where more care should have is the area of the testicles, because the skin is thinner and more prone to cuts.

Finally, apply, aftershave balm or gel, but no alcohol, which should not be applied in any area.

Male genital hair removal with electric clippers

This is a good option only if you want recortarte that area and leave some hair. If you want a full-blown hair, it’s suggested that you go for another option. However, each time leaving more hair trimmers suitable for intimate areas such as the Philips Bodygroom or bodycruZer Braun, which promise satisfactory results.

The hair on our parts is quite thick, and therefore many are unable to razor cut hair with this type of addition that the testicular area is mission impossible with the razor.

Depilatory creams for intimate areas

Mosky, and told us about the advantages of depilatory creams, you can do in the shower is a quick, painless and only takes longer hair out, if compare it with the blade.

Disadvantages! Because the skin is irritated easily with these creams in the genital area. Anyway, every skin is different and if you choose this option make sure you choose a hair removal cream for sensitive areas , after checking in other parts of the body that the skin does not react adversely.

Male genital hair removal wax

As can imagine, waxing is the method that delays the subsequent onset of hair, slow to appear 2 to 4 weeks to reappear the first hairs.

It also tends to leave the skin softer, but as many already know, and painful also has several drawbacks. And the wax is not suitable for use in extremely sensitive areas like the scrotum, the pubic bone and the area around the anus.

Beauty salons and laser hair removal

If you are an embarrassing and prefer to put in the hands of a professional, then go to a beauty salon. More and more centers have the male intimate waxing treatments among its usually with special wax.

Another option if you want to say goodbye to your hair forever is the laser hair removal, though, is not less painful, painful sore, an egg and forgiveness.