In both terrestrial and aquatic, the JetCycle concept provide you the most satisfaction

In normal times, while planning for the beach trip, you need two vehicles: one to get to or explore the beach and the other for the skiing. Designer Jon DeGorsky proposes to combine the two in his amphibious scooter.

In both terrestrial and aquatic, the JetCycle provide you the most satisfaction. Agile, comfortable and ergonomic, this amphibious bike can giveĀ  sensations of driving a jet-ski in the city streets. The two-wheeler features a motor and propeller. Its wheels retract when it arrives in the aquatic environment and its front suspension is transformed into propulsion system. It is also able to calculate the depth of the water. JetCycle displays a modernized design and shape of the shroud is inspired by the undulating waves.

JetCycle, the amphibious scooter on the beach to show off

Whether for walking the shores of the sea or floating on water, JetCycle promises to be the ultimate vehicle range.


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