Laser hair removal during pregnancy

A question that often arises is, should I get a laser hair removal done during pregnancy or while trying to conceive. The answer is quite simple and comes to understand how the technology of laser hair removal works.

The laser beam of the machine is in the wavelength of light is not penetrating as X-rays. The beam of light throbs on your skin and do not penetrate beyond a few millimeters. Therefore, it would not expose the embryo or fetus to harmful radiation of any kind.

Laser hair removal during pregnancy

It should be borne in mind that if you receive treatment during pregnancy, the risk of birth defects is, of birth 3% and in case of error 15%, which is the same as that of women without no special hazard reproducing rest of the audience.

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However, due to possible complications unrelated to treatment during pregnancy rather due to the pregnancy itself clinics are reluctant to treat pregnant women. Also, please bear in mind that the treatment by itself increase the risk of complications slight temporary, as, burns, blisters, scabs and are scaring some of the side effects that occur rarely, but if they can not require pregnant women to take anti-pain pills or creams that may not be healthy for the unborn child. You should avoid laser hair removal during pregnancy for two reasons:

1) Although it is deemed a safe procedure to take when there is really no studies that establish the safety of this treatment during pregnancy. As a matter of fact many doctors recommend avoiding laser hair removal during pregnancy because of the lack of information on the effect on the fetus.

2) The pregnancy itself is a difficult journey full of discomfort, in addition, the risk of complications are always on the lookout. Common sense says, why complicate an already complicated situation!

In conclusion laser hair removal during pregnancy is not recommended.