Those days are Gone when we had to defend half in English to use Twitter. And is that in 2008 the most commonly used microblogging network launched its Japanese version, has slowly been increasing the number of languages available to any user worldwide to create their own without needing to know languages.

This last week, Dutch and Indonesian has been added to the options to access Twitter. With these two additions, and there are eleven languages in which you can use the popular social network. These translations are done by a team of volunteers is available since early this year, and that makes his work so completely selfless.

As explained in the official Twitter blog, there are several hundreds of volunteers who strive to translate menus, help pages and applications into different languages. I just do not translate are the tweets, because in this way each user is who decides what is the language in which you read your messages.

But the Dutch and Indonesian will not be the latest additions to be added to Twitter. And this translation center by volunteers and is working on the next two languages in which you can read the social network as they are currently working on versions in the Philippines and Malaysia.

The process of translation into Dutch and Indonesian has been the fastest since it began to set in Twitter, because it only has taken a month to allow users to enjoy these new versions, all with the help of volunteers.


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