Sexuality after menopause

The phase following the menopause is revealed in many couples as one of the happiest periods of sexual harmony. Binomial unrelated sex-procreation, relationships can live more freely than ever. The only problem is that some women complain of decreased vaginal lubrication

What is an ip phone internet based telephone system?

The main advantages of IP telephony are simplifying communications infrastructure in the company, the integration of the different sites and mobile workers in the organization into a unified system for telephony with centralized management, free internal calls, integrated numbering plan and optimization of the lines of communication mobility and access to advanced functionality.

Car images: Spy photos of the Kia Soul 2014

The Kia Soul is a car in Europe often pass quite unnoticed, although it has a large volume of sales has enough to stay and not go through your head to the brand managers offer the stop in the old continent. However, in the U.S. and in local market of South Korea. Therefore, the South Korean brand is working on the next generation of this utility so characteristic.