How to lower cholesterol?

Do not eat foods with trans fatty acids because they also raise the bad cholesterol, lower HDL is good. To do this you must avoid margarines, shortenings and foods containing hydrogenated vegetable oil.

Tips to consider when buying a used car

Make sure the car has not encountered security problems. Even if the make and model has a good reputation, make sure the specific car you are thinking of buying itself is solid. Ask to see the car’s service records, which can tell the story of the car and usually indicate that it has been well maintained.

Benefits of fruits to lower bad cholesterol

The medlar is a fruit that contains nutrients that help maintain a healthy cardiovascular system. These benefits can be achieved, based on its action against LDL or bad cholesterol. So if you fancy the loquats and have high cholesterol, here is information about how to act to lower the bad cholesterol.