Audi Hybrid: The hybrid cars

The base price for this model is 83,400 euros , which can rise much with optional equipment. Only more economical 3.0 TDI 204CV front-wheel drive (€ 73,320), the 3.0 TDI Quattro 245 (€ 79,490) and the 3.0 TFSI Quattro (€ 83,790).

How to prepare Nice low fat pickled

The beautiful is a fish for their nutritional characteristics, you can eat while dieting. This can prepare a variety of ways and by different light recipes, for example in low-calorie marinade. This preparation, not only can you consume as input, but also as a snack between meals. Enjoy the benefits of beautiful, and lose weight …


Chicken breast with sherry light sauce

The chicken breast, provided it is very lean and skinless, can be a great choice when choosing a meat diet. But it also has one disadvantage: grilled steak abuse may bore grilled to exhaustion. The good news is that this can be reversed easily. Just create a sauce that does not add many calories and …


Chinese food menu for weight loss

If you are a lover of Chinese food, this can help you lose weight. Chinese food is mainly based on the consumption of vegetables, legumes, whole grains and lean meats, meaning that supplies nutrients and organic compounds that promote fat mobilization and thus weight loss. So this time we broufht a menu of Chinese food …


Does meditation helps lower cholesterol?

While medical treatments are necessary and effective in controlling high cholesterol, there are alternative therapies that can slow down some of the cardiovascular risks such as stress, anxiety, distress, depression, etc. Within these alternative therapies the meditation is preferred by most people. But to be able to obtain all possible benefits, it is important to …


Garlic paste for high cholesterol

It is known that garlic is one of the best ingredients that exist at the time to fight against any kind of problems. One of the things for which it is very good for cholesterol, as it is a great purifier of blood, among other things. It is very easy to incorporate into the food …


Homemade cheese without cholesterol

Undoubtedly, the cheeses are delicious. It is also true that often it have no fat at all recommended for those with high cholesterol. Those who want to venture into something delicious, easy and completely healthy, they can try preparing this cheese without cholesterol. Mix tofu, yeast flakes, agar-agar and other ingredients. You will see the …