How to detect and treat Bullying among children

The first goal is to stop harassment by school and family intervention and then treated the multiple psychological consequences generated by the bullying, it is necessary to restore self-esteem and confidence of the victim also giving strategies that can reduce the chances of getting future aggression.

New drug against cardiovascular risk factors

While science as emerging research for new drugs to reduce cholesterol and other cardiovascular risk factors, it is important to remember that, both high cholesterol and hypertension also need diet treatment and regular physical activity to controls both factors. After all, it is useless to take only drugs, but modified certain adverse health habits.

How to lose weight after pregnancy

The weight maintenance and not overdoing it during pregnancy is a goal that not all women get as standard practice is to raise some extra pounds. While this does not create a health problem if kept within healthy limits, once the baby is born the extra weight it can be uncomfortable for women.