Pulsed light, a painless method of permanent hair removal

Shaving is a pain but do not go plucking is worse: there are areas that discussion can no longer support such as the armpits or back, for example. More and more research on methods of hair removal lasting and even definitive, and for men (hair strong and thick) is a miracle solution.

Pulsed light, a painless method of permanent hair removal

For best hair removal wax strips for at home to modest budgets one should go to beauty salon on a high service because this method needs to be done by a professional who knows how to operate the pulsed light machine.

This is a technique based on the principle of selective photothermolysis. The person responsible for hair removal treatment is giving pistols in the area to be waxed: supports the trigger directly one centimeter of the skin and activates it. There is a burst of light, like the flash of the camera, and only notice a momentary high heat.

To put it plainly and simply, is to fry the hair follicle: light discharged is transformed into heat and weakens the hair until it stops growing out hair. Curiously it did not know the hair follicle is the part that contains more melanin, this is the one with the power of light absorption and thus the surrounding tissue is not burned (a term that refers selective photothermolysis).

Soar as many downloads of light as it is necessary to cover the area.  As fire increases the sensation of heat high up. The truth is that it holds up well even though you are very relieved. That’s right: it is a smell of singed chicken feathers in the air that surprised. The gel super-refreshing and soothing after you apply is pure glory.

The requirements needed for this method of hair removal is a strong and long hair for a minimum of 2 inches, that has not been plucked from the roots of several weeks, no wax or tweezers, just the razor or anything. The first 2-3 sessions are quite impressive: it weakens the hair. Apart from a temporary redness at the end of the waxing session, you feel nothing at all.

You have to respect the waiting time between sessions, and not skip any. A preliminary test is performed by the professional to determine your skin type and answer a few questions to rule out any incompatibility with this method: freshly tanned skin, photosensitivity, illness or drugs, treatments with some derivative retinoic, varicose veins and blood clotting problems, history of hypertrophic scarring, highly pigmented skin and dark or black states of immunosuppression or poorly controlled diabetes.

It is curious that works very well for some people and not at all for others: it depends on skin and hair type.