Samsung has announced four new Laser monochrome printers in the market of South Korea. The models are called: ML-1673 (blue), ML-1674 (ivory), ML-1678 (Pink)-successor of the ML-1660 Series (which sold more than 2 million units) and ML-2540K (successor of the ML-2525).

Samsung presents 4 new monochrome laser printers in South Korea

Aimed at small office users and domestic, the new series of monochrome laser printers ML-167 offer a printout of 16 pages per minute, 1200 dpi, USB 2.0 connection and a 300 MHz CPU

The ML-2540K model does not come in a variety of colors as the series ML-167; But yes it can be printed 24 pages per minute. Also offers low power consumption, only 5 W in sleep mode.

The ML-series models-167 (ML-1673, ML-1674, ML-1678) hit the market with prices starting at 104,000 won, while the ML-2540K is a cost of 159,000 won.


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