Sony revealed G Series Micro Hi-Fi Systems

Sony has introduced its G-series micro Hi-Fi systems in Europe. This stylish audio system comes in four variants – the Sony CMT-G1BiP and Sony CMT-G1iP, the Sony CMT-G2BNiP, the Sony CMT-G2NiP.

Sony revealed G Series Micro Hi-Fi Systems

They all feature a USB port for connection of iPod / iPhone, and also allows MP3 playback from external storage devices .

For streaming music from PC and Internet radio stations, the CMT G2BNiP and Sony CMT-G2NiP are built Wi-Fi. The CMT-G2BNiP radio also offers DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasting).

As the CMT-G2BNiP, the Sony CMT-G1BiP also integrates DAB radio, but lacks WiFi connectivity. The Sony CMT-G1iP is a simple model that only brings FM / AM.

Sony G Series is solid aluminum with a leather finish and retro with control knobs . For your amplifiers, Sony G Series uses innovative technologies to ensure the ground and minimize amplifier distortion and create the exact rhythm and tempo.

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