Although not yet officially launched and you can enjoy the first images of the NEX-C3, the new camera.

For now, we know that this model will have an APS-C sensor, the same one used by the Sony A55 and other models of Nikon and Pentax. This sensor achieves a resolution of 16.2 MP and can record images in high definition. On the other hand, the camera has a new external flash.

Sony will launch three new digital cameras: the NEX-C3, NEX-7 and A77

Another novelty is the NEX-7, a camera with an HD Exmor sensor, manual controls and high-definition video.

Finally, there is the Sony A77, the latest release scheduled for the first half of the year. This model features a 24 mp sensor and HD video. It is an improved version of the A55 and, as discussed, has a high quality auto Focus.


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