How to burn more calories

When you burn calories, everyone knows that the way is to move. But how do you burn more calories? which burns more calories? Surely you do these questions to optimize the outcome of your effort and you may have heard more than a theory about it. Much is said about fasting training to burn more calories or do so at low temperatures. It is also said that high-intensity exercise in short sessions burn more calories than a lower-intensity prolonged training. While in contrast, states that just begin to burn calories and fat mobilization after 20 minutes of training. But … what do you think? what is there in all these theories?

That exercise releases hormones that promote fat burning is something that adds to the calories burned by physical activity.

Still, what exercise burns more calories, how to exercise to burn more calories , how much exercise do to burn more calories , are issues that will surely want to know before you start training. (more…)