Slide’n’Touch, a 100% touch remote

Remotes as we know they are poised for a great revolution! The all-touch concept, Slide’n’Touch seems inevitable. Conceived by designer Mike Flash, Slide ‘n’ Touch is a 100% touch remote. More buttons, just a smooth body that interacts with multitouch television set. Contrary to appearances, the remote does not display a screen. If it did, Read more about Slide’n’Touch, a 100% touch remote[…]

Newly designed portable printer disguised as a book

SADI, the design institute in Seoul, have designed a portable printer that looks very promising. These Korean students come to present their concept called Book. When it’s folded it shaped itself as a book. Book promises to be a solution of the relevant print data at any time, without having to use a computer. This Read more about Newly designed portable printer disguised as a book[…]

Reliant, a solar backpack

Zeal Optics, the company specializes in extreme sports equipment has recently presented its solar backpack. With this backpack, skiers, snowboarders and hikers have other energy continuously to their portable devices. This backpack loads a detachable solar panel. While it were headed to the site chosen to indulge in our favorite activities, the bag captures solar Read more about Reliant, a solar backpack[…]

Keyboard with emoticons

If you are someone who spend the whole day chatting online or writing how you feel or what you do in social networks, this gadget is surely to be of great interest for you and will save too much time. Many of us in greater or lesser use emoticons to summarize in a brief and Read more about Keyboard with emoticons[…]

USB 3.0 Card Reader PhotoFast CR-600

USB 3.0 Card Reader PhotoFast CR-600

The PhotoFast CR-8600 is a USB 3.0 card reader that works with both PC and Mac. It offers a speed of 84.01MB/s in SDXC tarjeats UHS-I or 96.75MB/s on Compact Flash cards UDMA7. It is compatible with CompactFlash cards, SD, SDHC, miniSD, microSD (T-Flash), MMC, RS-MMC, MMC-Micro, MMC-Mobile, MS, MS Duo, HS MS, MS PRO, Read more about USB 3.0 Card Reader PhotoFast CR-600[…]