Smoking menopause forward 4 years and decreases fertility

Women who smoke may suffer complications thousands of health and beauty, but beyond that reproductive capacity is also affected. According to studies conducted by the Assisted Reproduction Clinic Ginefiv of Madrid, Spain, the smoke may reach menopause forward 4 years,… Continue Reading

Royal Jelly: benefits and properties

Royal jelly is a nutritious, rich in vitamins A, C, E and B group, minerals, unsaturated fatty acids, amino acids and hormonal substances. Regular and controlled intake has a balancing effect of the nervous system, improves oxygenation of the brain,… Continue Reading

Chia: contributions, antioxidant properties and nutritional benefits

Chia is a plant native to mountainous areas of Mexico, and is used as a medicinal food from 3500 BC. It is rich in dietary fiber, protein and antioxidants, provides an excellent health food to treat numerous diseases and maintain… Continue Reading