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waterproof makeup, resistant to water and sweat, it offers comfortable for those who just can not give up the trick in sports

How To Wear Make Up For Sports

For many women, always have a well-groomed appearance is essential in the life of every day. Who goes to the gym and go running prefers to feel comfortable in these moments. After all who...

Summer makeup trend the color orange

Summer makeup trend: the color orange

The orange is the new red of the season. This summer orange is all the rage in all lines of cosmetics and is presented in shadows, glosses, blushes and lipsticks. The range of colors...

Secrets tips to remove eyelashes make up

Secrets tips to remove eyelashes makeup

When removing makeup it is customary to use the same lotion to your entire face, including their most delicate parts such as lips, eyes or eyelashes. This is not the right thing because there...