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Red lips and pale, from classical to star in makeup 2012

This year, the great divas of Hollywood, the most stunning femme fatales in the history of film and fashion, will be honored as never before in the look of sexiest makeup of all, it definitely set Marylin: the red lips in a contrasting pale face. The trend began to look after the celebrities of the moment Read more about Red lips and pale, from classical to star in makeup 2012[…]

Adhesive makeup, makeup express

When you have a good time to do makeup for those special moments or your skills are not the most precise in applying the shadows, the eyeliner and nail, then there is a solution provided by adhesives makeup. They come in a thousand varieties and size of more complex areas of the face including the Read more about Adhesive makeup, makeup express[…]

High Quality HD Airbrush Makeup

The technique of airbrush makeup is a very efficient way to do the makeup, long used in the field of beauty but in recent times is gaining in importance. It is a technique widely used in the entertainment industry to create a makeup for high definition, high quality, excellent finish and soon. Today, many beauty Read more about High Quality HD Airbrush Makeup[…]

Make-up tips for brown eyes

Make-up tips for brown eyes contain everything from the choice of various shades of gold, and a suitable base make-up for your own skin tone. Often enough, if we look at the stars and starlets, and wonders what they are doing, that they always look perfect. Well, in particular, they are styled to match their Read more about Make-up tips for brown eyes[…]

Mineral makeup for every type of skin

The mineral makeup is the perfect combination of quality and natural ingredients, pure and beneficial to the skin to the environment. The current mineral makeup lines are bound to solve all the problems of the skin of the modern woman, in addition to this are made with ingredients from nature. Mineral makeup does not clog Read more about Mineral makeup for every type of skin[…]

What’s new in makeup: Violent Lips Lip design

Violent Lips is a new and unique proposal makeup is a tattoo for lips that comes in various designs and colors, as well as you can find it with pictures and drawings striking animal print, dots, lines, boxes, etc. No doubt this is a trend very bold and full range of Violent Lips which are Read more about What’s new in makeup: Violent Lips Lip design[…]

How to Make Your Own Face Chart for makeup

The Face Charts formats faces are drawn on paper, these images are used by professional makeup artists to capture a look at certain models and not lose time on the day of the show or photo shoot. There are numerous models of Face Charts, some eyebrows are drawn as not, the nose is more or Read more about How to Make Your Own Face Chart for makeup[…]

How to make up according to the shape of the face

When choosing the makeup you have to take into account the shape of your face, in order to emphasize the best features and hide imperfections getting a face as harmoniously as possible. The makeup structure, softens and changes the factions to get an oval shaped face, more balanced and harmonious. Depending on the shape of Read more about How to make up according to the shape of the face[…]