Once you have acquired the necessary strength you can make some variations perhaps adding some weight on his legs

Exercise Tips: How To Train Your Triceps At Home

For training the triceps is recommended to take particular care because its harmony must be proportional to the size of the shoulders, as if your shoulders are not adequately large visual impact caused by this type of muscle would undermine the results of the training. It is also necessary to focus on how they are Read more about Exercise Tips: How To Train Your Triceps At Home[…]

Contact lenses for dry eyes

Look for contact lenses for dry eyes to a low water content of the lenses, the oxygen permeability and be inspired by a doctor or optician advised individually. Many people who suffer from dry eyes. Whether in the office, in sports or in private life, dry eyes uncomfortable and annoying. The problem comes when you Read more about Contact lenses for dry eyes[…]

Double vision, diplopia: help for sufferers

Reasons for seeing double images, there are many, so for patients often begins a long way in finding the diagnosis and subsequent therapy. For spatial seeing typically twelve muscles of the eyes and three nerves in the brain are responsible. When diplopia is perceived by the eyes of the images are not merged into the Read more about Double vision, diplopia: help for sufferers[…]

Eye training exercises for pleasant eyes

Look through for hours on the monitor, your eyes are exposed to high loads and stress. Thus they are often overworked and tired and need rest badly. Since the viewing distance remains constant throughout the day, the muscles are loaded permanently. The eyes have to adapt constantly to different magnitudes and are irritated by glare Read more about Eye training exercises for pleasant eyes[…]