Removable goals for smartphones

Removable goals for smartphones The photos taken with your smartphone not enough for you? Photojojo has found a way to improve things by offering two removable goals. The first one who gives a fisheye effect (or fisheye, a very wide angle but returned with a circular deformation of the image). The second is an objective that combines macro and wide angle. Both are lightweight and easily attach to the phone via magnets. The manufacturer claims they are compatible with all models of smartphones.


iPhone and iPod Waterproof: A shell to protect your Apple jewelry

iPhone and iPod Waterproof: A shell to protect your Apple jewelryWhat about a duty to protect your iPhone and iPod touch? With the new housing Magellan you take them in water and also win a GPS to increase their sense of direction.

Do not fear the water – Planning on going on holiday with the iPhone by the following? And, admit it, the idea scares you when you go to ruin him and scratches at the beach or hiking. Do not be afraid because Magellan has just presented a case resistant and waterproof to one meter in depth (for a maximum of 30 minutes) for the Apple portable jewels. Among other things, also contains a GPS receiver integrated SiRFstar III very precise – with a margin of error of about 3 feet – and an internal battery to 1840 mAh. (more…)