The decoration of a room is not complete until you add a bit of nature. Be a small pot on a table or a trunk in a corner, the plants enliven the space, giving the colored and oxygen they need. If you want to enjoy the greenery of the plants but do not have much time to care for them, we introduce three kinds of high strength plants, easy to maintain.

Three resistant plants for interior decoration

Also called betel palm, Butterfly Palm or bamboo palm; this Asian plant is very popular for interior decoration as it fits seamlessly into the semi-shade. Usually reaches up to 3 feet tall and prefers moist, warm climates, but can withstand frost. Lush and perfumed, the areca give an oriental touch to the decor, and is one of the best air purification plants.

Ideal for: Spacious and bright with minimal decorations.
Special Tips: Place it near the window. Watered twice a week in summer and once every ten days in winter.
Beware: Salt water or minerals. Can cause brown spots on leaves.

Three resistant plants for interior decoration

Ficus Robusta
Strong, thick leaves, the Ficus Robusta is the famous tree of rubber, officially ficus robusta – is one of the hundreds of species of Ficus, and one of the most cultivated indoors. It has high tolerance to wet climates, heat and little light, which grows best when it receives indirect light, reaching an average of two meters. Its tone between dark green and purple brings a mysterious tropical air to the atmosphere.

Ideal for: Pruning ornamental and give an air of drama to a corner of the room or office.
Special Tips: Put on gloves to prune it as it releases a milky substance that irritates your hands. Young plants often need to be attached to a stake to grow.
Beware: Extreme changes. Not recommended relocate frequently and suddenly, as these changes can damage it.

Three resistant plants for interior decoration

Characterized by its striking combination of green and silver, this plant is chosen by beginners in gardening for its easy culture, size and enormous strength accessible. Even while growing profits from the heat, to reach the rest may well withstand the low temperatures of winter. You need a generous lighting indirect, but survives in low light places.

Ideal for: Place on tables or shelves, as it rarely reaches a large size. Their vibrant color makes it a perfect choice for casual style apartments.
Special Tips: Requires high humidity, it dries out easily. Spray with water twice a week in summer and in winter if the heating is very strong.
Beware: The air currents. His predilection for the warm humidity makes the cold and dry air put withered leaves.


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