Tips to avoid vaginal infections

All women regardless of age can have a vaginal infection in the vagina are always bacteria and fungi, awaiting the moment to develop and reproduce.

Tips to avoid vaginal infections

What are the symptoms of vaginal infections?

The most common symptoms are irritation, burning with urination, itching and a thick white or yellow substance, and sometimes smelly.

The general cleanliness is very important in preventing infections, like the toilet intimate areas. As the reproductive system is hidden inside the body and genital area is moist are increased chances of infections occur.

What measures are taken to avoid vaginal infections?

Practicing hygiene proper daily, using soap that respects the pH of the vagina. It is essential that the cleaning is done when urinating finished. Carefully dry the vagina with a paper and do it from front to back.

As for underwear, cotton panties are recommended to be in contact with the female genital area, because this tissue makes the skin sweat. More ventilation is produced by these clothes and thus prevents sweating, two of the most important qualities to prevent virus from the vagina.

Do some medications can lead to vaginal infection?

Some antibiotics can lead to fungus in the female genital tract, since these drugs often leave the body defenseless after cure of the ailment for which they are assigned. After ingestion of the drug are more prone to get sick from an infectious disorder.

Look at the attached brochure contraindications of antibiotics if you are a person prone to vaginal infections, certain remedies warn you of this possibility. Another option is to opt for natural medicine, which is also very healthy in these cases.

Information on Sexually Transmitted Diseases :

  • To enjoy good health is better to prevent risks, STDs are infectious and learn to know the best way to avoid them.
  • To have a healthy sex life but safe, consult your doctor about what methods to prevent you from them, to always have a condom, one of the safest methods against sexually transmitted diseases.
  • Visit your gynecologist annually.
  • Visit the gynecologist once a year to perform a medical examination, because most symptoms of diseases, some diseases may go unnoticed if the specialist is faulty and may point out that located the proper treatment.