Your pet should not eat anything you give them and there are surely many who would eat any food, but always keep in mind that just like humans the animals also need a healthy diet and balanced, there are foods that are usually prohibited, these are:

Which foods are not recommended for your pets

  • The bones are bad because they can splinter or lodge in the mouth and upper respiratory tract of your dog.
  • The chocolates can become deadly because it contains a substance that increases the heartbeat by stimulating the central nervous system .
  • The milk is not good for animals because the vast majority are lactose intolerant , as well as this causes diarrhea.
  • The raisins and grapes can greatly damaging the kidneys of pets , so is forbidden to give these foods.
  • The caffeine is also prohibited and works the same way as chocolate , can cause heart problems in a few hours, vomiting, diarrhea, tachycardia and even death.


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