10 color combinations for children’s clothes

Dressing the kids in the house every day can become complicated when we run out of ideas. We tell you some very interesting color combinations for children’s clothes. Review this selection of tips to find the color combinations that best suit your needs.

Jeans fabrics

Without a doubt, denim fabrics are perfect for adults as well as for children and it is a type of garment that can get us out of trouble. If you are wondering how to combine a children’s denim jacket or jeans as a child you should know that neutral colors are the best for this type of looks but you can also dare and combine these clothes with other jeans. Before they were not worn but now you can combine jeans and children’s denim shirt without problems always choosing something different tones.

color combinations for children's clothes

Red coral and purple

A very interesting alternative for girls who love pink is to combine shirts in colar tones with light purple pants or lilacs. These colorful combinations will delight girls fascinated by this type of clothing.

The green and the gray

A combination of colors that we love to use for children in winter is green and gray. Think that in winter the days are usually quite gray and that is why many people use this tone on their clothes. But, if you are going to choose the gray for the looks of the kids in the house you must be clear that you will have to give some color to the look of the children to encourage them and make them look more colorful with what the green is undoubtedly the color perfect to complete this type of winter outfits providing a touch of freshness to the outfit.

Combine the blue color

Another of the ideal colors for children to use, as recommended by OnMujer.com , is blue. It is a magical and precious color that can be associated with friendship as well as trust with what is necessary for the children’s closet. We recommend combining it with ivory, beige or white tones although if you prefer you can also look great with red, brown or yellow tones.

The pretty rose

Pink is undoubtedly the color preferred by girls but must also be used by children if they feel like breaking once and for all with the old gender stereotypes. This color can be combined with many tones such as blue, brown, white or beige. Personally we love pink and white because they can come out very different combinations and outfits.

The classic colors

The combinations with the classic colors that adults usually use are also suitable for children although we always recommend better the bright or light tones for the little ones. Black and red are therefore two options that can save us in many cases and help us create ideal combinations and looks. We even recommend combining both colors because red, a color with strength and black, a basic tone, always combine great. This combination of colors is perfect for both boys and girls and you can also add neutral tones such as gray to complete the looks without saturating too much taking into account whenever the role should take the color red.

The navy blue with yellow

The navy blue finishes or the marine striped prints are a great option for children’s looks but if you also want to achieve modern and groundbreaking color combinations we recommend you combine these looks with yellow garments.


Although it is a very striking color is a very interesting option for children if we know how to combine it well. We recommend mixing it with fuchsia or cherry red tones, in addition to violet. If we prefer something more discreet for the little ones that is at the same time very elegant also it will combine very well with cream tones, brown or yellow pastel.

Orange and electric blue

The kids will love to dress with looks full of life and that is why we recommend you to combine the beautiful blue and orange electric to get an outfit full of strength and energy.

The olive green

It is also a very useful color for the autumn and winter months. We recommend combining it with orange or coffee tones, especially in light coffee, the combination that you will be able to create will be ideal.


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