10 ideas to decorate the interior of the home with pots

The pot is one of the garden products that is part of the exterior decoration of the home. But it also has a lot of life inside. For this reason, with the arrival of spring, it is the perfect resource to give a natural air to the home. Flowers and plants are very special. But so are those products with which they form the perfect pairing. How to decorate with pots? In Decorablog we share several ideas.

1. With a pot cover

It is a very decorative item. You can find it in very different colors, shapes and finishes. They adapt perfectly to the base of the plant. They cover her like second nature.

2. Tall planter for the ground

Symmetry is nourished by the repetition of elements

A planter is an item that transforms an empty corner. Therefore, it is ideal for embellishing a part of the house that does not reflect its best version. Perhaps there is not enough space to put a piece of furniture or a complement of other characteristics. And yet, there are enough inches to highlight a planter that rises above the ground and adds a focal point.

3. Contrasting colors

The decoration with flowers and plants enchants those who love gardening. People who have experience in the care of each type of proposal. Planters add decorative accents that can be integrated to a greater or lesser level of intensity.

The quantitative factor is very present in the decoration. For example, it is possible to create a composition made up of two or three planters that show off contrasting colours. In this way, a light tone reduces the visual weight of the whole.

4. Hanging pots

It is one of the fashionable proposals in current decoration. It provides a different perspective to natural ornamentation. In addition, it is ideal for decorating small rooms with flowers and plants.

5. Small framed pots on a low cabinet

How to enhance the natural perspective of the binomial formed by a plant and the pot

There are different size designs. Floor models have larger proportions than those that adorn a table, a shelf or a low cabinet. The pots in mini format stand out for their delicacy and simplicity. In addition, they are ideal for adding a symmetrical perspective to the decoration.

In this way, each article is placed on one of the sides of the cabinet. The example of the image is an inspiration that also adds an essential complement: the mirror . In this way, the reflection emphasizes the natural details that dress the room.

6. Imperfect symmetry

Symmetry is nourished by the repetition of elements. Imperfect symmetry, on the other hand, provides a groundbreaking touch that is surprising. In this way, compared to the idea of ??adding two identical pots on a piece of furniture, it is also possible to consider other alternatives. In other words, creating a composition made up of different elements is an idea that is aesthetically beautiful.

7. Decorating the hallway

 The details that stand out mainly for their aesthetics dress these rooms in a special way

The hall or the corridor are places of passage that, however, have great decorative potential. The details that stand out mainly for their aesthetics dress these rooms in a special way. The pots can also be used to embellish the corridor, as in the example in the photograph.

8. Together with other natural elements

How to enhance the natural perspective of the binomial formed by a plant and the pot that is located at the base? With a photograph showing a green landscape or a painting inspired by a natural setting.

9. Same pots but different sizes

The same design can become the common thread of a decorative composition made up of a set of plants. The chosen pot model acquires different proportions and adds multiple perspectives to the whole.

10. By the window

Finally, you can dress your windows with decorative flowerpots that, placed in this place, receive a source of natural light.


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